Febri’s story

Febrianis, daughter of Fitiria, is currently studying nursing in Medan and is supported by Friends of Nias.

Pictured are Fitiria, Dr Raf Ghabrial & Febrianis.


This is Febri’s story…

My name is Febrianis Wau.


My nick name is Febri. I live in a small island of North Sumatera, Indonesia, which name is Nias Island. I live in the simple,happy, and full of love family. My parents work as farmer. Work in the field everyday to fulfill our need and children education. It can’t be. The income from the field as a farmer most less than the need and education fee. When i was child, i dreamt become a nurse. Be a nurse can help the other people. Help and look after people who got sick is noble profession.


After graduating of Vocational High school, i would like to continue my study of Nursing. Unfortunately, it can’t be happened caused our finansial of family wasn’t enough. Additionally, my parents was getting sick. My father got back pain and my mother got eye left tumour. So, I and my brother work to fulfill our need in everyday. I have to stop to dream it. Love of God never ending in our life. Our family gets miracle of God. My mother disease had healing well and I got the chance to continue my study.


Through the gold chance, I would like the my dream become true. Be great nurse, help and look after the others specially my parents. I hope I can get it.


— Febrianis Wau